7 Exercises and Stretches After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is becoming more common today. After your total knee replacement surgery, these seven exercises (plus others your physician may recommend) can help to quickly get you back on your feet. With each of these exercises, start with just a few repetitions and work your way up.

1: Straight-Leg Leg Lifts
You can lie on the floor to do these leg lifts, which strengthen your quadriceps. Lie flat on your back and place a small pillow or rolled towel under your head and neck for support. Lift one leg and hold for 10 seconds, then lower, rest, and repeat.

2: Toe Points with Ankle Rotations
This exercise aids in keeping your blood circulation healthy as you heal. Point your toes towards you, then away, then rotate your feet in a clockwise and then counterclockwise motion.

3: Lower Body Snow Angel
The lower body snow angel mimics what little kids do in powdery snow to make “snow angels.” Lay on your back with head support. Slide one leg out to the side, keeping your knee pointing straight up. Slide that leg back, the repeat.

4: Knee Bends
This exercise helps prepare you to walk. Get a straight back chair. Sit in a position where your feet can touch the floor (place a pillow behind your back if needed). Bend your leg under the chair, using the other foot to hold it in place for 6 seconds. Then release and repeat.

5: Hamstring Lengthener
Hamstring muscles will get tight easily, so this exercise is crucial and should be started immediately (upon doctor permission). Lay on your back with head support. Place a few pillows under your heel. Then simply let your leg stretch out – hold this for several minutes.

6: Knee Swings
Sit on a bed or chair where your feet don’t quite touch the floor. Swing your leg freely (but gently) back and forth in an out-and-back motion.

7: Leg Kicks
Lie down on your back with head support. Place a rolled towel, pillow, or bolster beneath your newly replaced knee joint. Gently straight your knee while maintaining contact with the support and hold for a few seconds, then lower.

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