Holistic Approach: Six Great Things about Holistic Addiction Recovery



By Kara Masterson



Holism is the belief that the body and general health should be understood wholly. Instead of treating a single limb, the doctor should treat the entire body. Recovering from an addiction is particularly effective if you consider that all parts are connected together. There are six benefits that you should know about a holistic addiction recovery.





As a patient, mental, emotional and physical health depends on the extent of the addiction. A traditional doctor does not recognize all of the factors that make you turn to drugs. Holistic addiction treatment involves recognizing and analyzing internal struggles. Along with a body detox, you can undergo individual counseling.



Custom Treatments


Customize a holistic treatment that allows you to include your own personal beliefs. Since holism revolves around you, create a plan that promotes the best healing for you. Suggest that you use the music, foods, books and beliefs that speed up the addiction recovery.



Wide Range of Treatments


A holistic plan includes a wide range of treatments that promote wholesome healing. Receive the most effectiveness when you combine all of these treatments at once. Undergo a thorough detox, visit one or more counselors and receive specialized medical attention. Work with as many specialists as you can find. The holistic treatment is all about you, so take advantage of the custom attention.



The Mind-Body Connection


Holistic practitioners try to establish links between the mind, body and soul. They tap into the depths of your mind to find the root of the cause. When you find the cause of the problem, you figure out why you turn to drugs and stop the addiction altogether.



Reduced Side Effects


A major benefit of holistic medicine is the reduced side effects. Many of the treatments are all natural, which means that you do not worry about the repercussions. There is no obligation to take up heavy medication regimens. The medicine works for people of all ages and conditions. A lot of these treatments, such as aloe vera or yoga, can be handled at home. Make sure that you check the ingredients used in the holistic treatments.



Personalized Healing


Holistic proponents love this system because it promotes ultimate healing that affects every part of the body. Special attention is given to the person instead of just the disease. Your healing is personalized based on the extent of your addiction.


Getting treated for an addiction is a tough and expensive challenge. All kinds of addiction experts exist, but you may never have thought about holistic treatments. Consider this approach when you consider how chemical dependency works. Addiction affects the functions of the entire body, and this whole-body approach is the main feature of holism. If you want to overcome addiction, understand the benefits of a holistic recovery.


Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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