Asthma Is Growing Stronger, So How Do We Fight It?

Asthma is a world-wide problem. It is especially prominent in children but it can affect anyone at any time in their life. More and more people are becoming infected with the disease than ever before – and that’s not the only problem. With every generation that passes, the gene mutation must grow stronger to survive. This means that strains of asthma are stronger than ever.

But no matter how complex or dangerous it becomes there will always be the same simple but effective techniques to fight off the disease. Many day-to-day things can be avoided to promote a healthy, asthma-free lifestyle.

Let’s start with smoking. Smoke is one of the most powerful and obvious triggers of asthma symptoms. This means that not only should you give up smoking entirely; you should also avoid ever coming into contact with so-called ‘second hand smoke’; smoke that emanates from other people’s cigarettes.

If you’re asthmatic, there’s nothing worse for the constricted airways of your lungs than to fill them with smoke and tar. As such it’s not just smoking that you should remove from your life. Bonfires and barbeques can cause real trouble too. If you regularly stand near an open fire then you need to consider the damage that inhaling all that smoke could be doing to your already-fragile lungs.

Equally, burning incense in the house is a very bad idea too. While the smoke doesn’t smell pungent or acrid, it is actually laced with a cocktail of chemicals. Even those incense sticks that are described as ‘natural’ can cause problems for you.

Another issue can come from cleaning the house. Obviously getting rid of allergens such as dust and pollen from your home is an important aspect of your life. But when you’re doing it, don’t use chemical cleaning sprays as they can be just as bad for your asthma. If you take care there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to avoid asthma symptoms entirely, no matter how strong they get.