Your Fifteen Minute Workout: How Fitness Builds Bones

Making small changes to our activities could be all we need to maintain our fitness as we get older. If we want to lose some weight, feel fitter or just protect our wellness from conditions related to poor nutrition and low activity levels, we might think we need to completely change our lifestyles. Although it’s possible to look after our wellbeing by starting small, according to health experts.

Where to start
It’s well-known that regular physical activity can help us live longer and more healthily, by reducing cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease rates. So even walking, jogging, and gentle swimming to start with can be effective in safeguarding our wellbeing, although we should talk to our GPs before we begin new exercise plans. A type of activity that has also been promoted recently are strength training exercises, with health experts highlighting them as an important part of our workout regimes.

Building strength
These kinds of exercises are normally associated with gyms, weight-lifting and intense activity sessions. But even doing just fifteen minutes a day using a proper fitness video as a guide could lead to improvements in our health. Joining a gym and using their equipment has advantages because fitness experts are available to give us tips. But we can also use our own equipment at home, such as dumbbells, free weights and resistance bands. The reason that strength training can be as important as aerobic exercise is because it can help build bone mass.

Resistance exercises encourage bone cells to grow, which is important as our bones get lighter over time. Some of the exercises can be concentrated in areas prone to fractures when we’re older, like our spine, wrists and hips. Strength training can also lead to stronger muscles, so our posture improves and we may be less likely to fall and injure ourselves as we age.


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