Balance and Fitness the Challenge from Core-Tex

A new fitness program promises a full body workout in just 20 minutes. Core-Tex, exclusively available at Virgin Active gyms in the UK, is a challenging but fun workout that pushes you to improve core strength, motor skills and mobility. And it’s all done on top of a platform that moves in every direction.

The Core-Tex is a platform with a base that sits on three ball bearings so it moves in every direction, forcing the user to adjust balance quickly – and in doing so, working every muscle group in the body. The platform can be used for any activity that could also be done on the floor – such as squats, press-ups or balancing exercises.

At Virgin Active gyms, Core-Tex fast classes are pushing fitness fans to the limits in a 20-minute workout that promises to work the body from head to two in a program that will challenge users both physically and mentally. The fast class focuses on mobility and strength while encouraging interaction and fun challengers with both the instructor and other class members so, at the end of a demanding 20 minutes, everyone will be feeling fitter but also had a lot of laughs.

The class is split into three sections. The first part focuses on mobility and is a warm-up that allows you to get used to the Core-Text itself. Four high-intensive exercises follow where every muscle group in the body is put to work. Considering that the class is only 20 minutes long, you get some idea of just how intensive this particular section can be.

The next section is interactive where you are joined by a partner for a series of fun exercises that give you a chance to draw breath while still working out. And the final section features challenges that vary from class to class – a challenge might involve attempting to maintain perfect balance on the Core-Tex while your workout partner rotates you.