Why Women Should Start Lifting Weights

Many women don’t consider weight lifting to be a good idea for them. But it can actually provide a wide range of benefits to your body. We’ve got a list of four great reasons to lift weight and how it can help you.

It will help you live longer

It has been proven that weight lifting help lengthen your life span. How? Lifting heavy weights builds up essential muscle mass which could potentially save your life in the future. Studies have shown that the more lean muscle mass you have, the greater your chances are of living a long, healthy life. That’s because it reduces blood pressure which can stop you from becoming obese.

It will fight toxins

Our bodies have to fight against a lot of toxins every day – think about the pollution, junk food, coffee and alcohol that get inside you. Of course, avoiding vices and eating a healthy diet can help, but nothing strengthens your body’s defences like regular exercise. The muscles and bones that are kept healthy by weight lifting store lots of vitamins and minerals which help support the immune system.

It will make you stronger

Perhaps the most natural and obvious benefit of weight lifting – it will improve your overall level of strength. It might not be important to you to have bulging biceps but it will help with functional strength, such as being able to walk for longer or carrying heavy shopping. Having a stronger body also helps you recover quickly from injuries.

It keeps you slim

We often think that cardio workouts are the only way to keep our waistline in check, but studies have shown that weight lifting plays an important role in weight loss too. Since muscle mass is heavier than fat, carrying a little more muscle actually benefits your cardio exercise too.

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