Create Your Own Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean look is one that many gardeners aspire to create in their own garden. And the good news is, with so many different plants, herbs and decorations; it’s easy to recreate the look in a variety of climates.

Mediterranean gardens are characterised by their informal, rustic themes. Plants and herbs sit alongside relaxed seating areas while mosaics, paint and lighting are used to add colour and interest. Whether you have a large garden or a small patio or even just a balcony, this versatile look can be adapted for a variety of spaces.

To begin your Mediterranean look, first think about how much space you have to play with. In large gardens, you could add palm trees, olive trees or the characteristic cypress trees. Meanwhile, if you only have a small space, you can focus on growing herbs in pots or create interest with rustic decorations.

Recycle and reuse

Mediterranean gardens often make use of discarded items to create a space for growing fruit or vegetables. A wooden pallet can be used to grow salad leaves while an old stone trough can be used to make a water feature. Meanwhile, an old wooden ladder is a great option for creating different levels within a small space.

When buying furniture for a Mediterranean garden, you can save money while achieving an authentic look by choosing second-hand items.

Think about lighting

Lighting is really important in a Mediterranean garden, particularly when it’s warm enough to sit outside on a summer’s evening. Whether you’re relaxing with a book or entertaining friends, the right lighting can transform your outside spaces. Try hanging storm lanterns or tea lights around your garden – just always make sure the flame is safely contained to avoid the risk of fire. Or for a flame-free option, invest in solar-powered lanterns and uplighters. With many designs on offer, it’s easy to find options to suit a Mediterranean theme.

Work with colour

A Mediterranean garden is often characterised through the use of terracotta and natural hues with accents of blue and green to add interest. Experiment with different colours when painting fences or brickwork or look for these colours when choosing pots or seating.