Do You Have a Problem? When Drinking Becomes an Issue


Sometimes it seems like the desire to have a drink after work or with friends is just harmless socialization. If this is the case, you are right, it is harmless and you should not give it a second thought. However, if the main focus of your day is that drink after work or those drinks with friends, you may be developing a drinking problem.


When the need for the relaxation you feel from drinking becomes more important than any other area of your life, you have an issue with alcohol. If you find that you cannot go long periods without a drink, that you sneak drinks during the day to “hold you over” until after work, then you have a problem with alcohol.


If your actions are unreasonable so that you can find ways to get a drink, there is a problem. If you find that you are making every effort to direct all your interactions with others to be based on alcohol, there is a problem. If you cannot sleep at night unless you pass out, you are suffering from alcoholism.



There Is Hope and There Is Help

The first thing that you should realize when you have a drinking problem is that someone else will recognize the problem first. If you notice that a loved one or close friend is dropping hints, or has come out and stated they think you have a problem with drinking, it would be in your best interest to listen.


It is human nature not to see our own flaws. It is also human nature not to want to admit when we have a problem, especially if it is one that involves self-control. To admit that you have a drinking problem is to essentially admit you have lost control in one area of your life. It is very hard to come to terms with, but it can be done.


There are several options out there to help someone struggling with a drinking problem. You may chose a self-help group such as AA, or if you feel that you need more intense help, a rehabilitation center may be required. If your drinking has caused you to be charged with a DUI, you can find help. As one DUI defense attorney in Orlando states, an experienced lawyer can help to defend you so that you can avoid fines and loss of your license.


It is okay to need help. It is even better to seek help. You are not alone and you should not have to face this issue by yourself.


You will find that when you get help for your drinking problem, you will also discover the root of the problem. Sometimes it is something as simple as being unhappy with your job or financial situation. Other times it is something more serious, and getting help for drinking will allow you to get help for this issue as well.


Once you have conquered the problem, and you will, you can set new goals for your life that will keep you healthy and happy. You can create new routines that will enhance happiness and keep you away from alcohol.



Melanie Fleury has watched drinking affect her family mentally, physically and financially. In one alcohol issue, she found that when her loved one hired an attorney, much of the stress of their impending intoxication case was relieved. Katz & Phillips, P.A., a DUI defense attorney in Orlando, can help to fight in your defense should you have been charged with a DUI. From getting reduced fees to keeping your license, hiring an experience lawyer is a good first step.