Could a Mediterranean Diet Help Improve Your Health?

When it comes to diet and nutrition, the Mediterranean Diet is one of the highest rated. The foods that people following this diet eat are packed full of nutrients and can have a great effect on their wellness and wellbeing. Following this diet has even been rumoured to help people lose weight and to add years to their life.


In truth, the Mediterranean diet is more of a general concept than an actual, prescriptive diet. The foods are generally fresh fruit and veg, seafood, goat’s cheese, nuts, grains, yoghurt and olive oil, as well as a bit of red wine. Red meat is generally avoided and all food is grilled rather than fried.


Following the Mediterranean diet could help to guard you against all kinds of serious health conditions, such as cancer and heart disease. Any fat consumed through the Mediterranean diet is generally from monounsaturated plant sources such as nuts, canola oil and olive oil, which are good at reducing your blood cholesterol and guarding your heart against disease. These types of fats are far healthier than the fats that people generally consume in products like butter and red meat. The Mediterranean diet is also free from the hydrogenated fats that are generally found in processed and pre-packaged foods. In addition to this, olive oil has cancer-fighting antioxidants and coats the stomach, protecting you from ulcers.


Due to the fact that the cheeses used on the Mediterranean diet are generally made from goat’s milk, the diet is also usually very rich in calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin and zinc. All of these properties help the body to maintain a healthy immune system, which means that you are less likely to catch the various bugs that fly around, especially during winter, and are better able to fight them off if you do catch them. These properties also help in the building of strong bones and teeth.

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