Portable Crib/Cot VS the Bassinet

If you’re expecting a baby then you’ve probably been doing all sorts of things to prepare yourself for your big day. Maybe you’ve been reading some books on the subject or you’re attending a birthing class, some perspective mothers might join a pregnant ladies group and meet others in the same situation. One decision which may cause a couple of issues early on is the choice between the traditional bassinet and the portable cot/crib. There are pros and cons to both items and it’s really down to the individual parent to make up his/her mind on what suits their family best.


Bassinets are probably the more attractive option. They’ve got frilly skirts and lacy material which look great and can draw in perspective parents. The general level of comfort in a bassinet is generally higher than in that of a crib as the mattress is often thicker in the bassinet as it doesn’t have to fold away.
The issue with bassinets is that they’re large and somewhat difficult to manoeuvre. Taking them from room to room is fine but transporting them via car or just in general can be a bit of a struggle. Another important factor which should aid in your considerations is that bassinets are only usable for the first 4 months of a child’s life, after this they can climb over the edges and the bassinet becomes very unsafe.


The portable cot/crib might be a little less comfortable or aesthetically pleasing but it’s easy to transport and lasts for a lot longer than the bassinet. You can fold it up into a very small size and then pop it in the boot of your car so it can come with you wherever you go without much fuss. Portable cots/cribs sometimes have adjustable settings which allow the mattress or height of the system to be altered to best suit you and your child.