Is Your Attitude Getting In The Way Of Your Weight Loss?

Whether your wellness goals revolve around your health, career, relationships, emotional wellbeing, or, yes, your weight, a negative mindset will always make the difference between achieving your goal, and failing to reach it.


Your mindset, or attitude, is a pattern of thought; that little voice in your head that tells you either that you can do it, or that you’re not worthy or capable of success. A negative mindset like this makes you more likely to be ill, age prematurely, have poor social relationships and gain weight, so surely a little bit of adjusting is in order. Though it is powerful, a negative mindset is not permanent and you are capable of erasing the constant internal soundtrack of negativity, and moving forward.


So how do you turn that mindset frown upside down? Start by identifying the negative voices in your head, like; ‘I have such a hard time sticking with something new.’ Perhaps you’ve started weight loss programmes before, and even seen results, but then something happened to break the momentum, and you ended up backsliding and giving up altogether. Sound familiar? Why not change that idea to ‘I can have my cake… and get right back to eating good food, too’? Just because there are a few waves in the water, you don’t have to abandon ship. Anything in life is better in moderation. So what if you ate a big slice of cake on your son’s birthday? Enjoy the sugar rush and then get on with your life.


Maybe your inner voice still complains, ‘I don’t have any support. I have so few friends.’ Social media is partly to blame for this, as it looks like everyone is having so much fun, business success, and personal connection, and you aren’t. This feeling can be especially defeating when you’re trying to lose weight, but remember that no one ever puts the truth on Facebook. Instead of allowing that little voice to make you feel alone, remind yourself, ‘The only constant in life is change.’ Someone you know may have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but are they actually friends? You may be friends with old classmates, but they may not share your interests and choices today. Try to seek out communities and groups that share in the activities and interests that speak to who you are right now, and you’ll find the support that matters.


These are just two of many negative thought patterns that need to be eliminated. Identify the things that stop you from going for it with your weight loss, and ask yourself if those things are really true. You’ll be surprised as to what you’ll find out about yourself.

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