What Are the Best Ways to Stop Your Skin From Ageing?

As you get older, the need for anti aging products increases. Your skin is the first way that your age starts to show, because it stops being able to renew itself, and becomes much less plump. The healthy cells that used to make your skin look taut and young.


As you get older and the wellness and wellbeing of your skin reduces considerably, and it starts to get dull and tired, with crisscrossed fine lines and wrinkles all over it. Many people don’t realise that by the time you reach the age of 25, your kin is considered ‘mature’ already!


There are ways, however, that you can slow down the aging process and keep your skin looking youthful, without resorting to any knives or needles.


It may seem obvious, but the best thing that you can do for your skin is to get a good full night of beauty sleep. Eight hours sleep a night is really important, as lack of sleep can really mess with your skin and lead to puffy eyes, dark circles around your eyes and a sallow complexion. Sleep is the one time when the body can regenerate and repair any damaged cells (such as skin cells). When the body is asleep, cells are able to produce more protein to help them repair themselves.


It is also vitally important that you steer clear of direct sunlight. The sun may feel wonderful on the skin and a tan may look attractive when you are young, but the long-term effects of the sun’s UV rays can be enormously damaging, leading to premature aging and the development of age spots. In fact, UV rays account for over 90 percent of all premature skin aging as it damages the collagen fibres in skin leading to wrinkles.

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