Try Yoga For the Glowing Skin You Dream of Having Forever!

The skin is the largest organ in the body and undoubtedly one of the most important to us in our daily lives. Our skin is our first line of defence against every piece of dirt and bacteria that we come in contact with and yet it’s also a signifier of our health and physical wellbeing. We expect a lot from our skin and yet it is so often one of the parts of the body that gets neglected when we think about looking after ourselves. But when we do try to take care of it there are a lot of different ways that people think are a good idea.


For many people, finding a way to care for their skin comes through one way and one way only: creams. A huge number of people use creams on their skin in order to stay healthy. And yet so many of these creams don’t contain natural or healthy ingredients, and while they may initially make your skin look better they will actually be worse for you in the long term. So it is a much better idea to look for other ways – healthier natural ways – that can help your skin look its best.


Interestingly one of the key ways that people are now beginning to care for their skin is through the practice of yoga. Yoga is well known as a way to exercise and become more flexible, but you may not know it as a way to keep your skin looking as good as it can. The science behind it is actually fairly simple – yoga increases blood flow which means that it is easier for the skin to be oxygenated. This means that skin is healthier in every way and will have that characteristic glow that we all want to achieve form our skin.


There are a number of different asanas or poses that can really make a big difference to your life and your skin. Before you attempt any of them, though, it is well worth going through the basic requirements of thinking about practising safe yoga. Firstly, if you have any existing back problems, neck pain or high blood pressure, practising yoga can be something of a problem. You should certainly consult your doctor and talk about whether it is actually safe for you do it. Clearly your health needs to take precedence over good looking skin.


One key pose is known as the matsyasana. This pose will help you to relax your facial muscles and then strengthen the muscles that you have in the neck and back. It also allows for controlled flow of blood to the face and increases the amount of oxygen that you have in your blood. Clearly these are all fantastic things for improving your skin. And it is also one that you can do comfortably in your own home.


To do this you will need to lie down flat on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Then you have to straighten your legs, and place your arms on either side of you. Now you will need to raise your hips, and do it on both sides, but only one side at a time and place your hands under each hip as you do it. Then bend your elbows and push your upper body off of the floor, being sure to breathe out when you do this. You should raise your chest, and then tilt your head back. Hold this pose for five seconds and then breathe out.

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