Newly Discovered Fruit Could Aid Anti-Ageing

A recent discovery in Australia may be the answer to many people’s request for an anti-ageing miracle cure. The local bush fruit, known as the Davidson plum, is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which are believed to help slow down the ageing process. Researchers are confident that this fruit could be the next miracle ingredient, so much so that vitamin company Blackmores and manufacturers Native Extracts have commissioned local agencies to begin trialling the effects of it on humans. The plum is known locally as the Mullumbimby plum and has been an indigenous ingredient to native Australians for years. Researchers are keen to being trials to see how effective it is on developing a youthful glow. They are looking to give participants a daily dose of the plum extract which is the equivalent of four plums.

The study will look at the antioxidant levels of the fruit and how they affect the participants, which will be measured through blood tests, mood, muscle function and levels of fatigue. Antioxidants can be found in many fruits and are a great way to boost your complexion. They fight the free radicals in the body to create a more youthful appearance. If you want to nock the years off your look, there are other additions you can make to your lifestyle. Getting plenty of exercise is important, as it keeps the muscle flexible and helps to boost your circulation. Alongside eating plenty of fruit, you should also aim to pack your diet with vegetables which are brimming with nutrients to help create a wrinkle-free appearance, as well as drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. Water is vital if you’re trying to fend off the ageing process as it keeps your skin supple and hydrated – a key aspect to the ageing process.