How Organic Food Can Make You More Fertile and Live Longer

Organic food, grown free from pesticides and fertilisers, has become the food of choice for many people concerned about what they eat and the effect of mass production of food on the environment. Now new evidence is emerging that a diet of organic food will keep you healthy, boost your longevity and improve fertility.

Researchers at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, carried out a study on fruit flies that revealed the insects fed an organic diet had better general health. Why the flies eating organic food did better was not revealed by the study but the team believe their work is a step along the way to understanding the potential health benefits of organic food.

Previous studies into the benefits of an organic diet have thrown up conflicting results. Some research demonstrated that better nutritional content and lower levels of pesticide contamination without providing clear evidence of a positive effect on health and longevity.

The Dallas study, published in the journal PLOS One, used fruit flies because these particular insects are often used in studies on human diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Under laboratory conditions, the fruit flies were fed organic and non-organic produce include soy beans, raisins, bananas and potatoes with the researchers then measuring the effects on longevity, stress, fertility and starvation resistance.

The study found that longevity and fertility increased in the flies fed on organic food while those flies also performed better in general health tests.

Further study is now required into how organic food might achieve the same outcomes in humans.

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