Get it Right: How to Apply Your Anti Ageing Products

These days you get so many anti-ageing wellness products, it can be difficult to know which ones to take, in which combinations and in which order. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.


Let’s start with your new routine to help you look and feel young. Start your mornings off with a body moisturiser, and then move onto a cleanser, day treatment and eye cream (although the latter three are more optional). You then need to apply a facial moisturiser with sun cream, and after that you can apply your make up (if you want). In the evening, you again begin with a body moisturiser and cleanser, and then you have the option of an exfoliator. After that, a night treatment is a must, but the following eye cream and night face moisturiser are less necessary.


So that’s your general routine to help your anti-ageing wellbeing, but how do you apply specific products?


Day Moisturiser with Sunscreen

As this is your protection from the sun’s harmful rays, there’s no reason to tread lightly. Avoid your lash lines and eyelids, but otherwise you should spread a generous amount to your face, neck, the base of your throat and your chest. Let it sink in for two minutes before you put on make up.


Eye Cream

Using your ring finger, stroke a bead of eye cream once under your eye, starting an inch away from the outer corner of your eye. Then move your finger once over your eyelid from the inner corner to where you started. Keep doing this until the eye cream is blended in.


Night Treatment

This is usually best done on a clean, damp face, but if you have sensitive skin your face should be completely dry for two minutes before using the treatment. This is because the ingredients penetrate more deeply on damp skin, so they can irritate your sensitive complexion. As treatments are more potent than a moisturiser, you only need a pea-sized amount.


Body Moisturiser

Again, moisturise on damp skin, massaging it in right after you’ve had a shower. You should use a marble-sized blob for each limb, and the front and back of your torso.

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