How to Make Your Skin Tone Glow Like a Celebrity’s

When it comes to anti-aging, and the products that contribute to this, the number one thing that makes you look young is to have glowing skin. When your skin is healthy, radiant and bright, it is as if your inner wellness and wellbeing are shining through, and this can often take years off your looks.


If you feel like you’ve lost your inner glow lately, the good news is that it can be faked using over-the-counter products. Simply by choosing the right skincare products, you can undo the effects of smoking, stress and all the other modern-day factors that contribute to dull and tired skin.


The most important thing is to start with a ‘fresh canvas’. This means that you should wash your face daily and get rid of any build-up of oils or bacteria. Then, make sure that you moisturise every day with an effective moisturiser that keeps your face smooth, protected and cared for.


Next, a luminising foundation can help to give your skin a subtle lift and glow, as if you have just come in from enjoying a bit of sunshine and a gentle breeze in the garden. There are lots of different products to choose from, many of which can be built up in layers to find the perfect glow for your skin.


If it’s summer time, another ideal way to get that glow is by using fake tan, or a bronzer in your makeup. Sitting in the sun may give you a golden look for a few hours or days, but overall the damaging effects of the sun on your skin can actually age you dramatically (not to mention the health risks) so it is worth finding a good bronzer instead to give you that happy, sun kissed look.

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