How to Keep Your Skin Looking Younger in Easy Steps

All dermatologist will tell you that looking after your skin is the number one anti-aging method. You may already keep an eye on the wellness and wellbeing of your skin through a daily skincare regime, but it’s easy to become lax about this and to go through the motions without really thinking about whether or not it is working.


Even if you wash, tone and moisturise, you still have plenty to learn when it comes to looking after your skin. Skin also changes as you get older, so what worked for you a few years ago may not be as effective now.


Beautiful skin starts from within – and you really are what you eat when it comes to your skin. If you eat fatty foods and foods loaded with oils and sugars, this will be reflected on your face. Instead, make sure that you drink plenty of water to clear your skin and hydrate it, and eat plenty of food containing omega 3s, such as salmon, walnuts and flax seeds, to keep your skin young, moist and strong.


What you put onto your skin in the way of products matters a lot too. Make sure that you use good skincare products – cheap alternatives really won’t do you any favours and may even make things worse. Make sure that your product is designed for your skin type, too. A good product will be as ‘pure’ as possible, so be alert for products that have hundreds of different ingredients listed on the bottle.


Makeup can make you look great, but it can also clog your pores and make your skin break out in spots. Mineral makeups are best, as they reduce this clogging and don’t ‘mask’ your skin in the same way as older makeups used to do. Exfoliation can also help to reduce the build-up of makeup and clogged pores.