4 Foods that Reduce the Appearance of Age – Inside And Out

While there’s no real fountain of youth or ageing cure, the foods you eat can make a significant difference in the appearance of age – inside and out. According to anti-ageing wellness expert Dr. Jennifer Landa, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD and author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, ‘A diet loaded with excess sugar and refined carbohydrates not only leads to extra pounds, but can also cause cross-linking of collagen that leads to premature wrinkling and saggy skin.’ So what goods can help you to maintain your youthful glow?

First and foremost on Dr Landa’s list is blueberries. ‘Blueberries have the highest antioxidant quotient of all the species of berries,’ she explains. ‘Blueberries are anti-bacterial and antiviral – full of special antioxidant molecules (polyphenol) that have been shown to stop replication of the hepatitis C virus. This super fruit also contains another polyphenol, pterostilbene, which has been shown to improve cognition in rodents.

However, if that’s a little too healthy-sounding for your taste, dark chocolate can also give your wellbeing a boost. Dr Landa notes, ‘Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than almost any other food, including polyphenols like catechin, epicatechin and procyanidins. These strong antioxidants help promote opening of the blood vessels and protects the nerves from injury and inflammation.’ She adds that you should choose dark chocolate bars that are minimally processed and have cacao content of at least 70%. Or, even better, mix 100% powder cacao with coconut oil for a delicious treat.

For something a little more savoury, Dr Landa recommends broccoli, as it may lower your risk of certain forms of cancer.  ‘It is rich in sulforaphane, a potent antioxidant that protects against free radical damage and carcinogens,’ she says. ‘Broccoli has a diverse number of nutrients in its raw form; however, to activate the bioavailability of sulphoraphane, broccoli must be gently steamed or blanched.’

Finally, don’t forget to snack on almonds. Dr Landa asserts, ‘Almonds have multiple benefits including fibre, alpha tocopherol (a form of vitamin E) and magnesium and copper. Known medical benefits include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Almonds may also play a role in reducing elevated blood sugar levels, making them a great food for fighting diseases and conditions, like metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.’

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