Cazwell talks latest singles, future plans and Nicki Minaj (Includes interview)

Recording artist Cazwell’s music combines elements of old school hip-hop, dance, pop and electro. He chatted about his three latest singles and future plans.
Over the past five years, Cazwell has been a leading figure in the renaissance of New York’s nightlife, since he embodies the spirit of downtown Manhattan. 

He has released three hit singles on Peace Bisquit within the last five months, which include “Guess What,” his collaboration with British songstress Luciana, as well as “No Selfie Control” and his most recent single “Helen Keller,” which features reality television personality Manila Luzon. “Manila wanted to do a song with me that she could perform in clubs. That was more of a hip-hop song, so we just sped it up and it turned more into a house track,” he said. “We spent a long time perfecting that song and getting to the sound the way we wanted it to sound. The song is about when you excommunicate somebody from your life and you don’t see them for a while, but you see them at a party or a club.”

“Guess What” was a Top 15 hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs charts, peaking at No. 14, becoming his most successful single to date. “That felt good and it’s nice to have a song that they can play on the dance-floor. I love the song and I love Luciana. She has a great voice and I am blessed to be able to work with her. I really enjoyed being on tour with her in Australia. It was a good marriage between me and her,” Cazwell said.

Cazwell co-wrote and co-produced “No Selfie Control” with up-and-coming Viennese producer Dizzy Bell and his music video was filmed by Athena Maroulis. “I like how Dizzy produced the song with my vocals. It had a light, disco feel to it. Selfies are so in the moment right now, so we decided to drop that video right away,” he said.


He is focused to make as many videos as possible for this upcoming album, Hard 2 B Fresh, which will be released this summer. “I am really proud of it and I want to have everything lined up for the press when we get it together,” he said. “My overall goal for the album is to fill it with songs that I would like to play when I DJ. I have some tracks that are straight up hip-hop and some are more EDM and dance. Everything on the album, you can dance to and that was a big point for me.”


Cazwell listed acclaimed rapper Nicki Minaj as his dream female duet choice. “I really love Nicki and I think she is such a powerful rapper and she has such a huge following,” he said. “I love Missy Elliott too since she has had a heavy influence on my career. To work with her on any level, or write a song with her would be great. I would love to get in her head for a little bit.”


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