Boa Kwon, Derek Hough Kiss And Dance: Their Movie “Make Your Move” From Step Up Director …

Boa Kwon and Derek Hough kiss in the trailer for their new movie “Make Your Move,” a Romeo and Juliet-inspired 2013 South Korean-American dance flick. Duane Adler, the writer of “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance,” directs the movie, with choreography by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo, Yako Miyamoto, and Nick Gonzalez. The soundtrack includes music by K-pop groups groups Girls’ Generation, F(x) and TVXQ. “Dancing With The Stars” star Derek Hough took season twelve off from the show in order to star in the film which was shot in New York City and Toronto during the spring of 2011. K-pop singer Yunho from TVXQ also has a cameo appearance in the dance movie. The film was previously known as ‘Cobu 3D.’
The story is as follows: A tap-dancing ex-con from New Orleans, Donny (Hough) chooses to skip out on his parole and go to Brooklyn, where he hopes to land a gig at Static, a hot underground Brooklyn dance club owned by his foster brother, Nick (Wesley Jonathan). Unfortunately there’s a new club in town, run by Nick’s former business partner, Kaz (Will Yun Lee), and his sleazy Wall Street partner Michael (Jefferson Brown). Donny soon finds himself caught up in Nick and Kaz’s bitter rivalry, which is only further complicated by the fact that he falls for Kaz’s sister, Aya (BoA), a talented performer who leads a hip-hop dance troupe specializing in taiko drums.


Inkoo Kang of the Los Angeles Times writes in his review of the film: “its core dance styles are a wonderfully frenetic fusion of tap and hip-hop and a truly novel blend of Japanese taiko drumming and K-pop girl-group choreography. Whenever actor Derek Hough and BoA stop leaping and twirling, though, “Make Your Move” is an underwritten mess.”


The U.S. version of “Make Your Move” trailer, starring Derek Hough & BoA Kwon can be seen below. The film will play in U.S. theaters starting April 18, 2014.



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