New York Jets teach Cristiano Ronaldo how to throw a football

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Ronaldo and #Portugal warming up for #WorldCup at @NYJets training centre. Pics:… #MUFC #NFL
Laurie Hanna (@LaurieHanna) June 09, 2014


The Portuguese national team is training this week at the Jets’ practice facility before they head down to Brazil, and their presence there led to the wonderfully weird juxtaposition of elite Portuguese soccer players sharing a field with Rex Ryan.


Futbol meets football- Trying to teach @cristiano how to throw a football. Good Luck in Brazil! #JetLife
David Nelson (@DavidNelson86) June 09, 2014


It also led to this excellent moment when Jets receiver David Nelson taught Cristiano Ronaldo how to throw an American football.


Question: If Nelson hypothetically tackled Ronaldo and injured him, is he a pariah in this country…or a national hero? He’s a pariah, right? We as a country wouldn’t condone the intentional injuring of a member of an opposing nation. It would be too unsporting, too gross.




Cristiano Ronaldo received a New York Jets’ helmet from NYJ’s president Woody Johnson.
(@SocialRMadrid) June 09, 2014


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