Silat Ave SIT flats gazetted for conservation

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SINGAPORE: Five former Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) blocks at Kampong Silat have been gazetted for conservation under the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Master Plan 2014.


Originally there were 15 blocks of flats located at Silat Avenue – mostly built between 1949 and 1952. Some blocks have since been demolished.


In 2007, residents moved to Kim Tian Road under the Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme.


URA said there are plans for the blocks to be part of a new residential development, and the timing of the development will depend on market conditions.


When asked, an analyst gave some suggestions on what could be done for the vacant land around these five blocks.


“One (option) is for the government to develop the sites into high rise HDB flats,” said Nicholas Mak, Executive Director, SLP International Property. “Another option is for the government to sell the flats and the land to a private developer to redevelop it and perhaps rent it out as service apartments; or the government could also consider renovating these old flats and renting them out on a short-term basis.”

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