Pittsburgh Police Officer Recruits Iceburgh For A Surprise Proposal

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s a love story – caught on camera. KDKA was there when a Pittsburgh police officer proposed to his girlfriend today.


Heidi Heatherdale and Gino Macioce have loved ice skating together ever since they met six years ago while studying at the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford. So Gino figured BladeRunners Ice Complex in Harmarville would be a perfect place for a unique marriage proposal, after a little pressure from Heidi to make it great.


“You know, she told me if I didn’t come up with a good engagement, she was gonna stay single,” Gino, a Pittsburgh Police patrolman, said.


About a month ago, Gino started working to get Iceburgh, the Penguins’ mascot, in on the proposal. Apparently, Iceburgh is Heidi’s other love, as Gino tells it. So with the ring in a box in Iceburgh’s beak, they both got down on one knee, ice skates and all.


“Heidi, you’ve been the light, the world of my life for so long,” Gino said in his proposal. “I want to know if you will continue to be so and marry me and be my wife.”


of course, she said yes.


The sapphires in Heidi’s engagement ring have a special significance for the couple.


“He’s a police officer, so he’s kinda my man in blue,” Heidi explained, “so that’s what the little sapphires on the side are for.”


So did Gino’s proposal live up to Heidi’s expectations?


“He does go above and beyond to make me happy, he really does,” she said, “but this is, like, way above and beyond what he’s ever done. He even offered to make me breakfast this morning and I was like, ‘Is this happening?’ That was romantic enough.


“It was perfect, I couldn’t think of anything better, really, to be honest,” she added.


The love between man and woman – and a penguin – coming together for a perfect proposal.

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