Man covered in fire in Chinese arthritis spa treatment

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But although he may look like he’s being tortured, this man is instead enjoying a traditional ‘fire spa’ treatment at a massage shop in Quanzhou, southeast China’s Fujian Province.


The man is enjoying a fire spa!


It is a traditional Chinese treatment for people who suffer from ailments due to being in a ‘cold’ state, such as arthritis.


They start by putting a length of meridian rope that has been soaked in a mix of Chinese herbal medicine onto the area that needs to be treated. This is then held in place by a layer of cling film.


Two layers of wet towels are then put on top before the therapist pours alcohol over the towel, which is then set alight.


However, it isn’t as dangerous as it sounds, as the masseuse stands close by ready with another wet towel to put out the fire when the client indicates it is getting too hot.


One ‘fire spa’ participant comments: “It’s very comfortable. I feel the heat gradually goes into my body”.



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