Do Herbalife Recruiters Sell Supervisorships Or Shake Mix? Inside ‘Donte’s’ Inferno (HLF)

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Doran and Donte Andry are two of Herbalife’s (HLF) most successful recruiters. Both have made a fortune traveling the world and selling the Herbalife business opportunity to new recruits.


Tragically, for those who are lured into The Brothers Andry’s Financial Success System, most will fail at the business opportunity and churn out of Herbalife forever.


FSS is the name the Andry’s give their sideline business. I prefer to call it Doran and “Donte’s” Inferno.


Investors who have read the Burnlounge ruling know by now that courts and regulators are interested in understanding how an MLM functions “in practice” to determine whether or not an MLM is “in practice” a pyramid scheme.


The text in this article is short. In its place, I encourage all readers to grab some popcorn and watch Donte Andry spin his magic in the following FSS video.


Q. Does Donte Andry Tell Recruits to Buy Their Way to Supervisor?


Q. Does Donte Andry encourage recruits to use Financial Leverage to Buy Their way to Supervisor (16 minute mark) ?


Q. How many times does Donte Andry emphasize “recruiting” as the way to move your income?


Q. How many times is the recruit encouraged not to think for themselves but rather to trust their mentor or sponsor?


Q. If you were an unsophisticated business opportunity seeker watching this video, what would you do next?


Clue: If you said make a SUPERVISOR order you are on the right track. If you said try to recruit other Supervisors you are getting warmer.


Over the past 3 articles I have written I have featured video evidence of Top Herbalife Recruiters Michael Burton, Susan Peterson and now Donte Andry emphasizing the importance of recruiting business opportunity seekers as the pathway to success. Not surprisingly, the language and instruction given is much the same at certain points.


e.g. Join as a SUPERVISOR “The Traditional Way”. This is a euphemism for pay the entire $3k up front.


e.g. 2. If you can’t afford it today, use Other People’s Money. Buy Your Order Using Your Credit Card – That’s What My Mentor Told me.


e.g. 3. Trust the Marketing Plan. Follow the Step by Step Process and a Robust Income Will be Yours.


e.g. 4 Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!


Little do the victims of this fraud know that these instructions do not pave a pathway towards prosperity but lead rather straight to “Inferno”.


Herbalife is a pyramid scheme that emphasizes recruiting income seekers over retail sales in all of its policies and procedures. Regulators will shut it down. The sooner the better.


Thankfully, Herbalife’s Top Recruiters Describe the Business Far Better than Me.


Enjoy the movie!



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