Liam Whaley and Gisela Pulido win the Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2014

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With great wind conditions, thousands of spectators visiting Tarifa, and multiple world-class kiteboarding stars, the event could only be a success.


The Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2014 introduced the kicker to add variety and entertainment. The best rider hitting the ramp and performing a richful trick was Thomas Paris.


Alex Pastor, the 2013 PKRA Freestyle world champion, is still recovering from an injury, so he had to watch the competition from a judging perspective.


“I really want to return to competition. Although I still have two months of recovery ahead, the worst is gone. I am 24 years old, but I’d love to compete, at least, till 30,” explains Pastor.


Gisela Pulido took out the Women’s event, and Liam Whaley prevailed in the Men’s division.


“The TMK was a super fun event with a good vibe. Really happy to win because it’s the only kiteboarding event in Tarifa, in the whole year. Stoked to win in front of all my friends and family,” adds Whaley.


Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2014 Results:


1. Liam Whaley
2. David Tonijuan
3. Patrick Blanc


1. Gisela Pulido
2. Annelous Lammert
3. Annabel Van Westerop


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