3 Cultural Diets to Keep You Thin This Summer

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One of the best things about the summer is the opportunity it gives you to relax – to sit back, stop worrying, and take the time to read that book you never got around to reading or start that project you always wanted to do. The only problem with most summer plans, however, is that they aren’t that active. Indeed, millions of people in America and around the world struggle with their weight during the summer months, trying to balance the inactivity of lounging in the sun with a diet that will allow them to keep their bikini body.

But, as it turns out, that struggle doesn’t have to be that difficult. Indeed, by implementing these different diets from around the world, you can end the summer with the physique you always wanted without sacrificing taste, a double-whammy that will leave you feeling, leaner, meaner, and ultimately, healthier as you move through this coming summer.



The Mediterranean Diet


While bread, olive oil, and feta may not seem particularly healthy, studies show that the so-called “Mediterranean” diet most commonly practiced in Greece is one of the best ways to lose weight. That is, while the oils and cheeses that permeate Greek dishes are certainly fatty, they contain the type of fats that your body needs: healthy, simple carbs rather than complex, artery-clogging trans-fats.


The heavy emphasis on herbs and seasoning is also a major plus, providing ample flavor to help curb your appetite and control portion size. In effect, while maybe not intuitive, the Mediterranean diet will have you thinner without requiring you to sacrifice good, quality meals.



The French Diet


If there’s anything in the world that seems unhealthy, it’s French food. From wine, to cheese, to bread, the entire character of French cuisine seems to be based on carbs and calories, two things you don’t want any part of if you’re trying to maintain a waistline. And yet, the French have totally mastered the way to properly consume food by using two unbelievably effective tips: eating slowly and controlling portion size.


By eating less and making your meals longer, you can effectively allow your body to actually process the food that you’re consuming, leaving more time for conversation, and lowering the chance that you’ll overeat during the course of the meal. In other words, the French philosophy allows you to eat even the richest food, just in small amounts, a compromise that most people who have tasted a fresh Parisian croissant would be more than willing to make.



The Japanese Diet


Finally, for a more Eastern culinary experience, look no further than the island of Japan, a place whose cuisine is unparalleled in terms of its modest, yet savory food choices. From its prescription of a hearty dose of seafood (whose natural fish-oils are good for your heart and cholesterol), to the daily dose of broth-based soup the locals traditionally consume (which will be sure to keep you full while minimizing calorie intake), a Japanese diet is perhaps the most extreme, and also the most immediately successful of the three cultural options, a sure-fire way to make sure you stay in shape this summer.


Plus, it doesn’t taste half-bad. The Japanese have, in fact, spent years perfecting and honing their more unique culinary arts, ensuring once again that you lose weight and enjoy doing it!


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