Line vs WeChat – Looks like WhatsApp Has Lost Its Monopoly

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It is a competitive world and in the global market of smartphones and tablets, many companies gamble and release many applications that attract people.


This power of attraction is directly proportional to the profits that the company will end up making. One such segment of companies work to provide instant free messaging mobile applications for smartphones and tabs which only requires an internet connection to let one talk to his peers and loved ones for free. Some of the best applications in this segment are WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, BBM, etc. Here we took up a healthy comparison between Line and WeChat and weigh their pros and cons to give you a better idea of these apps.


Launch and User Statistics


Line is a South Korean-Japanese proprietary application launched in 2011 which became Japan’s largest social network in 2013 with a user count of more than 300 million, whereas WeChat is a Chinese proprietary launched in 2011 with a user count of over 600 million as of November 2013. Though the adaption of Line is more on international grounds, WeChat has also got a large stake because of the huge Chinese population. An interesting fact here is that the mobile users in China are greater than the total population of the America.


Interface Comparison


If we talk about the interface of both these apps, WeChat emerges as a clear winner with a clean, intuitive and natural interface as compared to Line which requires a lot of improvement on the random layers of menu, bizarre locations for options and duplicated functions. On the other hand, Line provides better updates for the app to improve the cohesion of the various functions when compared to WeChat, which does not provide impressive and regular updates for the users.


The Best Part Is the Stickers


Despite the interface vulnerabilities, Line is far better that WeChat when we compare the stickers that come with these apps. Stickers are an important part of messaging and communication culture and the global public gets attracted towards better and trending stickers very quickly, which makes Line a clear winner in this regard. Not only does Line generate good revenues through the sales of these stickers, but they also carry out sticker campaigns to generate funds for charitable causes. The popularity of these stickers has also attracted a lot of ambassadors who are interested in promoting these stickers which in turn promotes Line. Though Line has a got a lot of stickers on offer, they are still behind in providing animated stickers which are readily available with WeChat.


Analyze Your Need and Choose the Best


WeChat has an interesting feature that allows users to connect though their LinkedIn accounts easily, thereby providing them an additional connectivity option. But Line has demonstrated a good leadership in the field of mobile commerce as compared to WeChat. Both these apps are equipped with some amazing features and make it hard for the users to pick between the two! But then, who’s stopping you from giving a shot at both of them?


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