FISHING: Circling in on summer

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The summer has finally started to make itself be known.

Last weekend was warm, sunny, with very little wind, and as a result the boats that had the full day trips went to Provincetown and did very well getting their limit in stripers.


The half-day trips were early in the morning and were active but smaller fish with a few keepers landed. Even a few bluefish were taken on the north edge of the shoals, which is a good sign.


One of these days, Cape Cod Bay will explode with both stripers and bluefish.


I told you of the schools of bluefish that are in the Sunken Meadow area, and now one of the harpoon boats looking for tuna fish spotted a big school of bluefish in a hundred feet of water off the Path last Saturday.


That would be a nice addition to the fish on the north edge of Billingsgate Shoals.


As most everyone has heard, P-town is very active for big stripers. Our boats out of Rock harbor, which have gone up there, have done well there.


But because of it’s narrow areas to fish it can get very crowded. With the hang ups when you jig from Wood End up to Race Point, and the very narrow area that you can jig, one needs to use patience and courtesy when fishing this area.


Just remember last season; one day the fish were there, and then they were gone and didn’t come back.


Vertical jigging is also working and doing this will keep you out of the crowd a little. That style of bass fishing has a bit of a trick to it. You need the right jig and the method you use is very important. Experience is your best teacher when it comes to this method.


One thing I’d like to bring up, if you have relatives coming to visit for a time this summer and they have kids don’t let them sit in front of the TV playing games, or spend time with a tablet or other devices.


Cape Cod has a natural diversity of things to do and see. Nature walks, beaches, bike trails, numerous activities, yes, and even some good fishing. The reason I mention this because some of the parents of families I take fishing are concerned their kids are losing site of the world around them. Cape Cod has some of New England’s best fresh and saltwater fishing.


Where to look next?


This time of the season it is anyone’s guess, and with the water warming and the bluefish arriving soon most any of the well-known areas can become active. I’d look in the deep water off the north edge of the shoals.

Check out the Stony Bar area again, and of course take a ride up to P-town if you have the time and weather.I recently had Bob Wilson and his friend Paul Willoughby out for a half day trip I went over an area right on the edge of the Brewster Flat about half way from Skaket Beach and Paines Creek.


The fishing was outrageous. Most of the stripers were small but we did hook up on a few that were almost big enough. They told me at the end of the trip that they thought we caught over fifty fish. When using the umbrella rig we’d get four-to-five fish on a rig each time.


If you want to get in on some of this up coming fishing in Cape Cod bay call me at 508-240-8267.

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