UALR Professor’s celebratory piece installed near Main Library

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UALR professor Michael Warrick’s sculpture, “Celebrate,” was recently installed and dedicated Saturday, June 14.


The sculpture, shaped like a toy top, commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the Central Arkansas Library System. It is located between the CALS Main Library and the Butler Center in downtown Little Rock.


Inscribed on the decorative ribbons of the bronze, stainless steel, and limestone kinetic sculpture is 46 translations of the the word celebrate.


Volunteers and subcontractors assisted Warrick with the machining and metal foundry work, including UALR students David O’Brien and Tod Swiecichowski and guest artist Andy Huss.


CALS commissioned Warrick to create the piece in 2010, but its installation was postponed for two years due to construction considerations at the main library.


Warrick has had numerous honors and previous commissions. In 2009, he earned an award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the Southeastern College Art Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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