Google Glass Helps You Shoot Around Corners

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If you’ve read our article on their Linux powered gun you might be familiar with the name Tracking Point. Well, the company is working on new features for their guns employing very modern technologies. Their next thing: shooting around corners.


Even thought the prospect sounds a bit cartoonish, they have the science to support it. Currently, they’re experimenting with Google Glass and developing Shortview, an app for the said device, allowing you to hit targets you do not see directly.


In the video they released recently on their youtube page, the company says the following: Combined with a Tracking Point precision guided firearm, wearable technology allows for accurate shots around corners, from unsupported positions, behind the back, to the side, and over barricades.”

Their guns come out with computer technology that allows them to increase distance and precision, practically rendering the shooter’s experience unnecessary. Things like guided trigger, locking onto and tracking moving targets are all part of their portfolio and they do have a semi-automatic version of their rifle as well.


Currently, the ShotView app is available for iOS and Android devices, but the Google Glass app is not available for all Glass users and it would appear there are no plans for a consumer version, however, it is all part of their R&D and who knows if and when we will see it actually happening.


As the Tracking Point says: “The advent of wearable technology facilitates a new era in augmented marksmen ability. With every day of testing and refinement at Tracking Point, science fiction becomes closer to reality.”



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