Kids Corner Review – My First Missal

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My First Missal
published by Pauline Books and Media and written by  Maria Grace Dateno is a wonderful little missal for young child to follow along with the Holy Mass.  Not only does this book include the exact words of the updated current Mass, but it also includes a brief explanation of each part of the Mass.   It was particularly helpful for my daughter in preparing for her First Reconciliation and First Communion.  I especially like that it includes a prayer for children to say after they received Jesus in Holy Communion.  The communion line can be such a distraction for small children and having this prayer to read has helped my daughter keep her mind on Who she has just received!


The book also nicely includes explanations and prayers for other visits to Church such as visits to the Blessed Sacrament and Confession.  Again, a beautiful prayer is included for children to say before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for those quick visits to church with your child.  The book concludes with a section on the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  The child is able to utilize this book to examine their conscience using the Ten Commandments, reviews the steps to a good confession, and brush up on how to make a confession with the Act of Contrition prayer also included.  Suitably a prayer of thanks is included for the child to say after they do their penance.  This perfect pocket-sized book stays in my purse – always there for my child – ready for any visit to church, short or long.


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