Banana Bus tours France

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Having been to Spain, Portugal and Brussels, the banana bus is now touring France.  The project is financed by the EU and the Office of Overseas Agricultural Economy Development and aims to teach as many people as possible about European banana production.  The aim is not to promote bananas when France’s stonefruit season is just beginning, but to teach people how to recognise bananas from the Antilles.


Inside the bus the public can watch an educational film on production in the Antilles, Madeira and the Canaries. They can also pose for photos amongst the banana trees or take a quiz with the chance of winning a trip to one of the islands.


In front of the bus last week, which was outside the 3rd arrondissement’s town hall, the chef Yvan Cadiou cooked banana-based recipes.


The bus was in Paris until the 14th June, and will move on to Nantes, Bordeaux and then Strasbourg.

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