County cricket – as it happened

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Bruce Talbot reports from Arundel

Tea at Arundel and Yorkshire are 131 for two, having added 75 runs during the afternoon session for the loss of Adam Lyth.


The opener had played very well for his 66 but was eventually dismissed by Steve Magoffin, who returned for three-over burst before the interval and was held off a top-edged pull at long leg by Jon Lewis.


The youngster Jack Leaning looks another good prospect. First time I have seen him and he’s impressed. Hardly played a false shot so far and there has been some testing bowling, notably from Magoffin who has bowled superbly: 16-10-11-2 are his figures so far and they don’t flatter him.


As usual at the break a gaggle of curious spectators have ventured onto the square to watch the groundsman brush the wicket-ends and re-mark the creases. Always puzzled me this. Apart from some gentle exercise, what exactly is the point? Do any of them know how the wicket is playing? Can they spot indentations that might make the ball misbehave and prompt a clatter of wickets?


It wouldn’t have happened at Eastbourne, one of Sussex’s former outgrounds, where the groundsman, as well as owning a very fierce Alsatian, occasionally threatened spectators with the air rifle he kept in his shed, which in festival week occasionally doubled as the press box. Spectators were allowed an opinion on his handiwork, just as long as they kept it to themselves.


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