Soap the Intelligent, Touch Screen Router Makes Way for Home Automation

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Scavenging the IndieGogo startup farm leaves me with a lot of candidates for my next tech discovery. I think I found a promising product that really fits into a niche that is supported by a lot larger market than you may imagine – I’m talking about a touch screen internet router.


Soap is the intelligent router that regulates your home the way you want it, controlling everything wireless while keeping data & home safe, secure & private.


I have to be honest, I never pictured the implementation of a touch screen display on such a usable and consistent product in American homes. Yes, we aren’t offered versatility as far as compatible operating systems but let’s take this technologically advanced product for what it is and appreciate its inherent purpose.


Soap allows you to connect and control all of your home’s wireless connected devices. Home owners apparently can do so from their smartphone or tablet but also directly from the smart router. It also works through Windows devices as well as Google Chrome. Soap claims to be the first all-in-one home automation platform. Essentially it is your wireless home management system. You have top-level control over everything on your network.


You can manage the digital activity in your home through Soap. I can vouch for Soap’s unprecedented level of security; it allows users to detect and catch hackers, hide all wireless devices on your network, block malware and ads, controls access to anything and everything digital, and keep private data private which is tough to do in this era.


The device seems to be more catered to those busy parents, then again which parents aren’t busy. The adults that are always on the move and want to filter their kids’ digital accessibility. Or the young businessman who is always on the go and isn’t home enough to regulate his humble abode so he can do so remotely. Regardless of your reason why, take a look at SOAP because it might set the new standard for routers and home automation.


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