Hearing aids are like mountain bikes

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Two years ago, my doctor gave me a wake-up call: I needed to start exercising fast.


With a vague recollection that I used to enjoy cycling, I decided to give mountain biking a try.


My first ride was grueling. I was bounced by rocks, tossed by roots and even launched over my handlebars. But I was hooked! I now ride every week – I’m fitter, healthier and more satisfied in every area of my life.


What did it take for me to become a decent mountain biker? Motivation for one; I needed that wake-up call to convince me to take action. I needed to remember how much I used to enjoy biking, and how much better I used to feel in all kinds of ways.


I also needed the right equipment and someone to help me make the most of it. James at Swicked Cycles hooked me up with a new bike and gear, and he’s still there for me whenever I need adjustments, repairs or advice.


And that’s how hearing aids are just like mountain bikes. You need the proper motivation to do something about the fact that your hearing may not be as sharp as it once was. You need to remember how much more enjoyable social gatherings were and how much happier and more relaxed you used to feel.


Finally, you need a hearing care professional you can trust to help you choose the right equipment, fine-tune it to your precise specifications and always be there to provide tweaks or adjustments.


Just as I gradually became a better mountain biker, so will you grow accustomed to your improved hearing.


Until one day you’ll suddenly realize that you no longer have to concentrate on listening; you’ll simply understand – clearly and effortlessly.


And that’s worth the effort!


Martin Jurek is a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner and co-owner of Campbell River Hearing Clinic with his wife Jana. To learn more, visit www.tohear.ca or call 250-914-3200.

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