Jeff Muise wins Bicycle Nova Scotia provincial championship

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Framework Racing’s Jeff Muise proved he was the fastest cyclist in the province this past weekend when he won Bicycle Nova Scotia’s Provincial Championships held in Riverport on Sunday, June 15.



Muise, a 31-year-old resident of Yarmouth, has been racing for Cape Breton’s Framework Racing Team  since 2012. The elite athlete who in his day job is manager of information technology at the Coastal Financial Credit Union in Yarmouth races in Bicycle Nova Scotia’s Class A division which is considered the toughest, fastest and longest distance.



On Sunday, June 15, Muise worked hard to get to the podium with team captain Ambrose Delaney of Sydney and Chad Lennon, formerly of Sydney who now lives in Halifax, completing 140 km distance in a time of 3 hours, 20 minutes.



In the last few metres of the race, Muise was in a pack of seven men who broke away from the main group for a sprint to the finish. Muise narrowly edged the group with his wheel crossing the line first, just fractions of a second ahead of second and third place finishers Jamie Lamb of Cyclesmith and Jakub Koska  of Bike Clinic Cannondale Team, respectfully.



The average speed of Muise over the 140 km bicycle road race distance was 39 km per hour.



“We’re really proud of the team’s effort at this tough race with Muise striking like lightning once again,” team president Bill Goldston said. “We understand there was a massive high speed bicycle crash in Class C that involved about 20 riders, caused  from a rain-filled pothole that racers couldn’t avoid.  Our hearts and sympathy go out to those injured in the pile up.  It was unfortunate and a reminder to government officials that pot holes really do hurt. We understand one rider was thrown off his bike, landing almost into the ocean.”



June is shaping up to be an excellent month for Framework Racing’s Muise. He won the Brooklyn, NS road race on June 1 with a time of 2:40:10 just a second ahead of Dustin MacBurnie of Cyclesmith and minutes ahead of Lorenzo Caterini of Craftsmen/Hub Cycle.



On June 8, Framework Racing’s Muise  took top honors at the New Brunswick Tour de Force Saint-Paul Road Race and Time Trial. He narrowly defeated Andrew Buzzell and Julien Roussel of team Fitworks of New Brunswick. More than 50 participated in that race.



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