Pearl Jam And R.E.M. Guest On Forthcoming Tuatara Album

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Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready and R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck have signed on to appear on the upcoming record from Tuatara, a group founded by Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin.


“Tuatara is more of a musical idea than a consistently working band, even though the same musicians always show up when it’s time to make a new record,” Martin said in a statement.


The double album, Underworld, is due in August, but the band has released one cut, “The Skeleton Getdown,” via Billboard.


Of “The Skeleton Getdown,” Martin notes it “encapsulates the theme for Underworld, which is essentially a 20 song romp through the underworld, complete with a cast of characters that you would find hanging out down there. It’s like Miles DavisOn The Corner or something like that.”



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