4 Ways To Help Your Parent Adapt to Dentures



Some patients are going to find that getting used to their new dentures is challenging, particularly for elderly patients. Adult children of older parents may be currently dealing with a variety of medical or physical issues, and being fitted for new dentures often seems like just one more hassle. For those that would like to make this experience stress-free, here are some tips to share with family members and loved ones.



1. Avoid Constantly Removing Them

After using dentures for the first time, will find that a variety of issues pop up such as sore spots within the mouth, general discomfort around the jaw, and the production of excess saliva. When this takes place, many simply want to take out their dentures, but constantly removing them and putting them back in can be harmful. Not only will this increase the chance of damaging the dentures, it will also slow down the period of ‘adjusting’ to the new devices.



2. Talk As Often As Possible

Changes to one’s speech is another common issue, but one that can be quickly remedied with practice. Edmonton denture experts at Westmount Dental Centre recommend that children speak with their parents as often as possible both on the phone and in person to help them work through lisps or “clicks.” When there is no one else around to speak with, those that have dentures should try speaking out loud in front of a mirror, singing when doing chores, or even reading books and magazines out loud.



3. Stay Honest with the Dentist

Upwards of 25 percent of all adults over the age of 60 will lose all of their teeth, and those that want to have the best chance of success with their new dentures should keep the lines of communication open with their dentist. When wearing them for the first time, patients should inquire about any discomfort that they are feeling and what can be done about it. While minor discomfort is normal, staying honest with the dentist about any issues could help prevent more serious oral health problems.



4. Proper Daily Cleaning

Cleaning new dentures is easy, but is going to be a bit different than stereotypical oral hygiene habits. Dentures should be cleaned after every meal and this can be done by thoroughly scrubbing them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water. Besides warm water, chemicals and toothpaste should be avoided and only products specifically made for dentures should ever be used.


A little bit of time, patience, and practice is all that is needed to get used to dentures. These few steps can help patients avoid common mistakes and begin enjoying the benefits of a restored smile.


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