Kids And Health: Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Kids Away From Illness



When it comes to protecting the health of your children, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Before resigning yourself to micromanaging your kids’ lives in an effort to keep them illness-free, consider easing up and instead doing the following simple routines that are guaranteed to keep your kids happy and healthy.



Take Your Kids To Regular Check-Ups

One of the easiest ways to keep your children healthy is to make sure that they see a doctor routinely, even if they don’t seem sick. Your child’s doctor will be able to point out any irregularities and address concerns that you may have about your child’s development. If there is ever a need, your child’s doctor will be able to recommend specialists. In addition, your child’s doctor will be able to recommend a vaccination schedule that is right for your child’s unique constitution. It is very important to find a doctor that you and your child are both comfortable with and stick with them as your child grows older.



Don’t Forget Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene does not just mean good looking teeth and nice breath. Without good oral hygiene, your child could suffer from gum disease, cavities, rot, infection, and so much more sickness that could easily spread to the rest of the body. As a rule of thumb, proper brushing takes about two minutes, minimum pressure, and pays very close attention to each tooth, front and back. In addition, children should be encouraged to floss every day, say the experts at Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic. If mouthwash is used, brands with alcohol should be avoided as this can make the mouth dry and aggravate oral health issues.



Less Soda And More Water

When your kid complains about being thirsty, what do you give them? Juice, soda or milk? For a lot of parents, water is one of the last things on their mind when it comes to quenching their child’s thirst. This is why children all over the world are often very dehydrated. Staying hydrated keeps kidneys functioning as they should, boosts the immune system, keeps skin clear and quiets false hunger pangs.



Make Time For Play

It’s easy to resort to TV and video games when there’s some free time, but instead consider applying sun screen and play outside. Daily exercise will help kids fight off illnesses and maintain healthy habits.



Replace Prepackaged Snacks With Fruits And Veggies

From chips and cookies to sugary sweets, kids love snacks. We want our kids to be happy, but we also owe it to them to keep them healthy. For this reason, refrain from handing them prepackaged snacks full of sugars and chemical flavorings and give them fruits and vegetables that will boost their immunity and energy. Save the extra sugary candy for special occasions, instead of an everyday treat.



Make Sure They Get Enough Sleep

Kids never want to go to bed or take their scheduled naps, but it’s important to stick to a strict routine as best as possible. Kids needs lots of sleep for their growing bodies and overall health. Getting them to bed around the same time every day gets them into a routine that is expected. If they don’t get enough sleep, they will be more moody and could have more health problems too.


Being a parent isn’t easy, but with these simple techniques, keeping your kids healthy has just gotten just a little bit easier.


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