Four Alternatives to Tap Water

Tap water is one of the most common resources to use in most households and is needed for cooking, bathing, and drinking. Although it may be easy to attain, tap water is not as clean or healthy as most people assume. With over 60,000 chemicals used in tap water, it’s can at times be contaminated and has been known to have traces of arsenic and uranium in past years. In cities with older pipes, the chances of contamination are marginally higher. To avoid tap water completely, there are several other alternatives that are more natural and clean to use.

Purchase a Brita Filter
Brita filters are one of the most common tools to use to filter water and can be placed directly on the faucet. Brita filter pitchers are also available, which allows consumers to fill the jug with tap water before it’s filtered, causing lead and mercury to be immediately removed. Zinc and chlorine are also removed, which results in a better overall taste.

Use Distilled Water
Distilled water is considered water in its purest form and is an ideal option for those who live in cities that have low pollution levels. Distilled water is obtained from rain and is void of all additives, contaminants, and chemicals. Distilled water can also be made by boiling tap water in a stainless steel pot and using a glass bowl in the water, which will fill with steam and become clean drinking water.

Opt for Bottled Water
Bottled water is an affordable alternative with many brands available that offer purified water. It’s important to find a brand that does not just use tap water, but is clean and void of chemicals. A pH test of different water bottle brands will reveal which company offers the cleanest bottled water.

Water delivery services are also available through major providers for a convenient way of getting clean, purified water delivered right to your door. Customers can even set up automated delivery each week or month for a great way to have a full supply and avoid using tap water.

Obtain a Filtration System
Filtration systems can be used on the plumbing in a home after installation by a trained Brampton plumbing specialists, such as those at Plumb Perfect Ltd. This will allow the water to come out clean through the faucet. Several water treatment systems are used, which include chlorine removal, whole home automatic filtration systems, and water softeners. Specialists can also test the quality of the water to determine any chemicals or toxins that are present.

Instead of heading to the sink when cooking or to get a glass of water, there are several other alternatives to obtain clean water that is in a pure state. Through bottled water, filtration systems, and by making distilled water, it’s possible to have healthier sources of water and a higher quality of taste.


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