How to Choose Between Natural or Surgical Breast Augmentation

Some women aren’t satisfied with their breast size. There are surgical and all-natural options to explore for breast augmentation in adults. Here is a quick rundown of your breast augmentation options.

A breast lift, medically known as a mastopexy, is a viable solution towards increasing breast size without the use of implants. Cosmetic surgeons carefully tighten some of the skin that connects the breast with the abdominal section and upper body. The tightening of the skin creates a noticeable visible boost in the shape and size of breasts. A breast lift is also highly recommended for women who have large nipples.

Fat Grafting
One of the safest all natural ways to increase breast size is to use a technique known as fat grafting, which is not considered an invasive surgical procedure. A woman’s fat tissue is extracted from areas such as the thighs, buttocks and mid-section. This fat is then injected into the breast tissue. Fat grafting is a non-invasive procedure that is similar to injections that are applied in face lifts. Best of all, there are very little risks in transferring fat between different areas of the body in the same individual.

Breast Implants
The most common method of breast augmentation involves the insertion of artificial implants into the breast tissue. There are several surgical techniques that are used to insert saline or silicon implants. Made directly under the breasts, an Inframammary incision is the most common technique for such a surgical augmentation. Implants can also be inserted through the armpits, nipples or abdominal section. With such invasive procedures, some visible scars might remain for many years after the implants are inserted. According to, breast implants are medical devices that are fully regulated in the cosmetic surgery sector. The FDA provides plenty of resources for patients to explore before undergoing a surgical procedure for breast augmentation, and you can ask experts of cosmetic surgery in Utah or your locale about associated risks.

Dietary Supplements
There is an array of pills on the consumer market that claim to boost breast size. Such products claim to have exotic herbal extracts and other botanical ingredients that gradually promote precise distribution of tissue growth in the breasts. Additionally, some organic ingredients also manipulate feminine hormones that promote the growth of breasts during adolescence. However, taking prescription estrogen and progesterone supplements might be risky because of the long term side effects of hormonal imbalance in adult women. Check with a doctor before using any supplements and treatments.

In terms of appearance, surgical procedures for breast enhancement offer the best results. Women should ultimately weigh the risks and benefits associated with natural and invasive options.


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