Akshay Kumar pulls a plane with his own hands

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Akshay Kumar pulls a plane with his own hands

47 year-old actor Akshay Kumar recently surprised everyone on the sets of his upcoming film ‘The Shaukeens‘ by performing an act which is almost impossible for a youngster to do. Reportedly, he pulled off a plane with his own hands!

The story behind this is, ‘The Shaukeens‘ team headed to Cape Town to shoot “Meherbani” song of the film, when director Abhishek Sharma found the plane still parked in the hangar which was required as a prop. It would have consumed lot of time, fuel and light to start the engine. So, Akshay pulled the plane out with his own hands and shocked everyone on the sets. The astonishing scene has been captured and will be used in the film.

The Shaukeens‘ stars Akshay in a cameo role making the evergreen actors- Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor and Piyush Mishra play the lead.

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