Road to a Speedy Recovery – 5 Post Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips

Few oral procedures have a reputation as negative as the removal of wisdom teeth, but nearly 75 percent of all patients meet the criteria for needing these teeth removed. Anyone that has recently discussed the option of removing their wisdom teeth with their dentist should consider these 5 post-op tips to make the recovery as smooth and pain-free as possible.

1. Set Aside a Period of Mandatory Rest
The single most important step in this process is to set aside a specific window in which rest and recovery is the number one priority. If the procedure takes place earlier in the day, that entire day should be set aside for rest and the next day should involve little in the way of movement if possible. For at least one week, all rigorous activities such as sports and exercise should be avoided completely.

2. Create a Meal and Snack Plan
Those that are preparing for any tooth extraction should consider their meals and snacks at least a week beforehand and have the correct foods ready in order to promote a healthy recovery. Hot, spicy, hard, and chewy foods should be avoided at all costs as they can cause irritation, pain, or open up the wound. Only soft and semi-soft foods such as yogurt, soup, and applesauce should be consumed for the first few days.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco
The use of any tobacco products and the consumption of alcohol should be avoided completely for 48 hours, but it is best to avoid these products for the entire healing process. Studies have shown that alcohol and tobacco products not only slow down the healing process, they also increase the risk of serious complications such as an infection.

4. Keep Sockets Clean
Patients should speak with their dentist beforehand about the use of antibacterial mouthwash immediately after the procedure. These products have been specifically designed to not irritate any open wounds while keeping the mouth health. In addition to mouthwash, making sure you’re the sockets that are left after removal stay clean and clear of food particles. The dentist will give you a special syringe to help keep them open and healing quickly. These suggestions will help patients avoid painful complications such as a dry socket or gum infection.

5. Take Painkillers Preventatively
Patients should never wait until they are feeling pain and discomfort to take painkillers. Whether it is over-the-counter painkillers or prescription medication, a schedule should be made beforehand. In most cases, painkillers should be taken immediately after the procedure unless otherwise instructed by the dentist. Wisdom teeth removal in Utah can be a very painful experience during the healing process so make sure to follow your prescription as abusing it can result in very serious health complications.

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a procedure that the majority of us have to go through and so there is a large amount of data on the subject. Remember that you can make the most of it if you plan accordingly. If everything goes well, the area should be completely healed within about two weeks. At this point, patients can once again enjoy the benefits of a pain-free, straight, and healthy smile.


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