Getting a Nose Job to Make You Look And Feel Good

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures opted for by Hollywood celebrities. The reason is clear: a good rhinoplastic surgery has the power to change everything about how a person looks.

Rhinoplasty is not new to Hollywood; actors have been opting to go under the knife for delicate and cute noses with just the right amount of angulation to make their faces look attractive for decades. According to research carried out, surgeons place this angulation at exactly 106° from the upper lip.

Changing the shape of your nose or getting rid of some unattractive contour can do loads for your self-image. Rhinoplasty can give you a chance to correct what was previously your Achilles heel, so that you no longer have to contend with it every time you look in the mirror.

Rhinoplasty can change how you look
Did you know that a simple nose job can totally transform your face and how you look? Take the case of the actress Jennifer Grey, best known to us for her role as the ‘ugly duckling’ in the romantic 80s movie Dirty Dancing in which she starred alongside Patrick Swayze. She has now become more famous because of rhinoplastic surgery rather than her acting career.

If you have been wondering whether Jennifer Grey has a nose job procedure locked somewhere in her past, well, the answer is she probably has had two. Looking at the loads of before and after pictures of the actress’s profile, there’s a distinctive difference in everything about the shape and contour of her nose.

Good procedure gone badly
In fact, so different did she look at the end of it that no one could recognize her after she had undergone the knife. It may not necessarily be that the actual rhinoplastic procedure was bad; certainly, the nose that she has now looks better shaped and defined compared to the one we saw her with in Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where she played Jeanie Bueller.

Jennifer Grey’s nose job has received the label as one of the worst rhinoplastic procedures carried out on a celebrity in Hollywood throughout the years. She underwent the procedure in 1989; just a few months after she went finished acting in Dirty Dancing.

In her own words, she admitted that her nose job may have cost her career in Hollywood. She equated going into the operating room and coming out looking so different and anonymous to getting into a witness protection program – she was unrecognizable.

The procedure
Jennifer Grey probably went under the knife to make her nose just a little less noticeable, but that is not how it ended. True, her nose was rather a predominant feature on her face, overruling her other facial features. However, she certainly did not plan on coming out completely unrecognizable.

The new nose she now had changed the image of her face so completely that she did not look like herself anymore, and ended up not getting any new acting deals because of that. It is just like society, now that she had the procedure and it went awry, everyone suddenly became more appreciative of the star’s former ‘adorable’ looks. Rhinoplasty can truly change everything a person.


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