What’s Really in Your Water: Why Tap isn’t as Bad as You Think

In recent years, many people have turned to drinking bottled water instead of tap water. Plastic water bottles are known to exude dangerous chemicals and wreck the environment, but many water-drinkers just don’t trust their local municipal tap water. In most cases, this mistrust is far from earned. In fact, the tap water might exceed bottled in terms of its bodily benefits. Here are a few positive things you’ll find in your tap water.

Most water systems add fluoride to the water to help people strengthen teeth and prevent the formation of cavities. This is especially helpful for children, since they are often more prone to cavities. While at home filtration systems typically remove this element from the water, drinking straight from the tap allows you to enjoy this extra benefit that’s sadly missing from bottled water. Your local Midwestern plumbing service may be able to recommend a filter that removes bacteria, but allows all, or at least part of the fluoride to stay in the water.

People who drink water that comes from the ground through a well have been shown to have less risk for heart disease, thanks to the naturally occurring minerals in the water. Many cities draw at least part of their water supply from wells, and in some places, homes are still served this way. How do you know if your water contains healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium? If your neighbors complain of having hard water, then chances are, at least some of your drinking water came from underground sources. Plumbing services in Cincinnati OH say bottled water, unless otherwise labeled, is generally missing these natural disease-fighters.

No, you are not drinking pool water! Your tap water has been treated by certified treatment professionals, using a variety of chemicals designed to eliminate bacteria that could potentially pose health risks. Chlorine is the most common of these in part because it does such a good job as a disinfectant. The levels are continuously monitored to make sure nothing unsafe gets through, and that the water doesn’t taste like a hotel swimming pool. Instead, it just tastes clean and fresh. A plumbing service can easily test your tap water to tell you exactly what you’re getting in case you’re curious.

You may worry about what’s in your tap water, but the quality of municipal water is constantly on the rise, thanks to EPA and other regulations, not to mention the added fluoride and mineral content. You can feel free to drink up!


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