7 Shocking Ways Alcohol Affects the Body

Nobody wants to feel as if their body is breaking down prematurely; however, many of the activities we take part in each day contribute to health conditions that can cause early strain and injury. Drinking alcohol is one of those activities that causes intense harm over time. You might not even realize that your favorite drinks could be causing some of these effects in your body.

1. It damages your heart.
Drinking more than a moderate amount of alcohol is drastically unhealthy. Heart conditions like cardiomyopathy, drooping of the muscle surrounding the heart, and stroke are not uncommon due to alcohol consumption over time.

2. It damages your liver.
Liver inflammation is common with heavy drinking over the course of a lifetime, especially because the liver is essential for eliminating harmful substances like alcohol. Cirrhosis, fibrosis and steatosis are among the worst conditions associated with the liver. Cirrhosis can be fatal when it prevents the liver from doing its job.

3. It damages your pancreas.
Your pancreas is essential for ensuring proper digestion of food. Your pancreas secretes enzymes and regulates insulin. Unfortunately, drinking too much can lead to inflammation of the pancreas. This leads to the expulsion of toxins. The truth is that this can lead to complete destruction of the organ.

4. It damages your brain.
Drinking too much over time can shrink your brain’s frontal lobes. Not only that, but short-term drinking encourages loss of impulse control. Over time, alcohol consumption may lead to dementia.

5. It can cause internal bleeding.
Alcohol consumption causes conditions such as ulcers and hemorrhoids. Each of these conditions can cause bleeding that can be dangerous if left unattended.

6. It may put you at higher risk of cancer.
Heavy drinkers often succumb to cancer of the throat or mouth. The risk of cancer increases especially with tobacco use. Women who drink heavily are much more likely to have breast cancer as well.

7. It can cause reproductive dysfunction.
Reproductive and sexual dysfunctions are not uncommon among drinkers. Men who drink heavily may exhibit erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it can cause infertility in women.

Finally, drinking alcohol has the potential to get you into trouble with the law. A Minnesota criminal attorney, or any attorney for that matter, could end up being your best friend. If you drink before getting behind the wheel of a car, a Keyser defense attorney could save you not only from further harm but also from serving time or losing your license.


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