How to Break Free from the Clutches of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is insidious. It may start with social drinking with friends or drinking alone when you are under stress. Before you know it, you need that drink rather than want it. If you decide not to drink, you get the shakes or cannot function. You know if your drinking continues you may lose your family, job and freedom in the case of a car accident while drunk. There are steps you can take to break free from the clutches of alcoholism and protect yourself from issues that may have arisen while you were drinking.

Admit You Have a Problem
Alcoholism has been a problem for people down through the ages. The key to gaining sobriety and the quality of life that you and your family deserve is to quit drinking. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with the idea that you must stop drinking forever. You only have to stop for today. Take your sobriety journey one day at a time.

You Need Support
Very few people will succeed at becoming sober on their own. Anyone wishing to gain sobriety will need a support system. If your drinking has become serious, seek medical attention. A stay in a rehab may be just what you need to get you started on your life-long journey living a sober life. Join a 12-step group like AA, and learn from those who have traveled this road before you. Find help and you will significantly increase your chances of staying clean and sober.

Admit Your Shortcomings
Two of the 12 Steps tell the recovering alcoholic that they must admit their shortcomings and make amends to gain sobriety. While people struggle with staying away from alcohol, admitting our mistakes is even harder than giving up drinking. But admitting your problems and making amends is one of the best ways to start your new sober life afresh and on the right foot.

Protect Your Legal Rights
Once you have become sober, you deserve the new life you have worked so hard to attain. If you ended up in an accident or may be about to lose your driver’s license due to your past DUIs, you will definitely need legal representation from Druyon Law or other specialty firms that have experience and know how to make sure your rights are protected, whether you are guilty or not.

Break Free Starting Today
You can break free from alcoholism. Start today. You only need to stay sober one day at a time. Help is there if you ask for it. You can do it!


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