Grandparents: Are You Putting Strain On Your Family?

Being a grandparent is a joyful time for many, although sometimes we can accidentally strain relationships with our own children when we take on a child-care role. Different generations can really learn from each other, but what rules will suit us best when it comes to looking after our grandkids?

Keep routines

We can look at our own kids and think about what worked for us as a family, and what didn’t. Even though we may have strong opinions on when children should go to bed, or when they shouldn’t, we should bear in mind our grandchild’s normal routine. An occasional late night might not affect them much, but if we let them stay awake later all the time and give them meals at unusual times, this can upset their sleep, moods and our relationship with our own children.

Watch out for old wive’s tales

Weaning, sleeping, teething; these can be battles for many families and we could have dealt with them differently when our children were younger. Some children may have got alcohol placed on their gums to ease teething pain, others could have got solids from a younger age then is presently advised. Today parents are given guidelines that were different from when our kids were babies, so making sure we stick to the medically recommended advice can keep our grandkids healthy.

Keep safe

Years ago our homes probably weren’t baby-proofed in the way they are now. But, as most accidents involving children happen in the home, parents are keen to change this and make their houses as safe as possible. We’re likely to get an enthusiastic response from our children if we show them how we’re doing our best to care for our grandchildren in this way. Child-proof locks on cupboards, age appropriate toys, stair gates and medicines put well out of reach are simple ways we can limit accidents in our home so grandchildren enjoy a happy, healthy time when they visit us.


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